Let the Police Do Their Jobs! Martyred Criminals are the Real Villains.

“Someone once said that civilization is a thin crust over a volcano. The police are part of that crust.” – Thomas Sowell (disclaimer)

The vast majority of police fights and shootings occur when suspects resist arrest or behave unpredictably, inciting fear of injury & death. Police can’t react like passive robots.

American society has reached a point where a black person literally has to kill someone to not be considered a victim of “racist” cops and/or historical oppression. The subtle details of police encounters and daily job stress are trivialized by many observers at a safe distance. They somehow can’t comprehend why police would get edgy and jaded after dealing with dangerous people day after day. All it takes is a blink to die from a gunshot, knife or even fists, which is why they always yell “Drop the weapon!” when belligerent/drugged-up fools ignore common sense. People who’ve never been forced to conduct arrests should deeply imagine themselves as cops with no option to remain “nice” or walk away from a suspect. They have to be tough to handle their work, but still exhibit far more patience than the average armed citizen during a home invasion, etc. Most of today’s “victims” in police encounters are people you wouldn’t want as neighbors (bass-bumpers, drug dealers and various sullen idiots) but cop-haters seek out racial narratives and treat actual crime as a sideshow. Fallible human cops are expected to act like fearless robots when their lives are on the line, while crooks achieve automatic martyrdom.

Today’s leftists heap far more criticism on police than the scofflaws & degenerates who’ve always made cops necessary. This attitude had already gone too far before Trump’s election but many thugs thrive on Trump because he sets the moral bar so low. They play the Trump card, so to speak. Criminals are still doing what they’ve always done; trying to avoid or resist arrest while being dangerous to the pubic and to cops who must confront them. These people naturally hate the police, who threaten their shady livelihoods. “They won’t take me alive!” is no joke. Imagine going to work every day knowing you could kill or be killed by thugs. You have to focus on characteristics you know to be risky, with little time for racial sensitivity in the heat of battle. Suicide-by-cop was commonly acknowledged until the racism narrative took over. How can cops reliably discern a suicide attempt from resisting arrest? Even asking people to pay bus & train fairs (or not eat on public transit) and return library books on time is considered oppressive now. They won’t admit that certain groups are more likely to be scofflaws, so they call it racial profiling. Criminals of color are still criminals, and those who play the race card the most tend to deserve it the least.

Despite all that context, the media jumps on any story where white cops kill black people. Lack of neutral phrasing can trigger riots. For every Elijah McClain they should report a Tony Timpa and leave race out of the headline. The radical increase in “white cop, black victim” stories was largely spurred by Obama, not some surge in bad cops. Compounding that, the media downplays same-race violence involving either police or private citizens. When you study what police actually face on the streets, often showing extreme patience with cop-taunting behavior, much of today’s reporting is criminally deceptive. It’s making police into pariahs, and hiring standards have dropped nationwide for lack of interest in the job. This is troubling to those who don’t want America’s quality of life to tank even more. As Lena Williams wrote in 1992, “Blacks worry that in crying racism too often …… legitimate cases in which racism is a factor may be undermined.” What’s being called “racism” is often just a frank assessment of real-world problems when diversity becomes adversity.

“I would, without any hesitation, shoot a violent criminal again.” – Bernhard Goetz (Cops routinely face similar situations with remarkable restraint.)

Volatile flash mobs overwhelm store security. They’re typically black youths gathered via social media. News outlets deliberately don’t mention their race in many cases.

The real phenomenon is the combination of social media and smartphone cameras that omit context by rolling after someone’s agitated the police, Their initial violence is downplayed and context is drowned out by slogans. The same bad behaviors that always drew police have been turned into Thug Life glorification, reflected in anti-social, anti-police, anti-female rap music that many criminals listen to. Yet this crass culture is seen by many as a mere reaction to history. Educational opportunities are often rejected by these people, as pointed out by a famous comedian. Throwing money at them rarely results in more than binge spending and ruined housing projects. The evidence shows that they’d rather be thugs than conformists. Pragmatically, they want the police to ignore their crimes because some might get offended if mistaken for others.

As a random example of this idiocy, Christopher Cukor’s father had been murdered by a black man in Berkeley, California years earlier, giving him innate reasons to mistrust blacks along with their high per-capita crime rate (big reason for “racial profiling”). He got caught up in a viral video after a black man entered his apartment building with no key-card, and was rightfully questioned about his resident status. The man refused to say who he was visiting, arousing more suspicion (very common in these cases). He turned out to be OK, but it became the latest “black guy gets picked on” incident before context was understood. Cukor was compelled to apologize for racial insensitivity.

An even more absurd case of martyrdom was the Patrick Kimmons shooting in Portland, Oregon. He’d just shot two people right in front of the police and they were expecting to be next, so they killed him out of fear for their own lives. In a balanced society it would have been clear that cops were doing what they had to do, and they prevailed later with video evidence. But Kimmons was made into a “family man” martyr with sidewalk vigils by deluded leftists. Odds are that none of those people had ever been forced to arrest or stop a dangerous suspect.

If their true goal is preventing deaths, Black Lives Matter is pushing a futile agenda when you learn who kills far more blacks than any other race. Has it occurred to them that cops get nervous around blacks for the same reasons other blacks do? In 1996, Chris Rock let this secret out of the bag: “Everything white people don’t like about black people, black people really don’t like about black people!” You can’t keep calling everything racism when many blacks admit they can be difficult. In America, thug culture is pervasive, with showy personas centered around crass desires. Ask yourself, what’s so great about the loud, insincere hustlers who populate many black neighborhoods? If someone’s shallow and obnoxious that’s just who they are! You can’t blame it all on slavery angst, since many of the same character traits are found in Africa, with its endless conflicts.

To make it technically clear, Black Lives Matter unfairly vilifies police with bad math and the deceptive merging of historical racism with modern crime control. Of the roughly 1,000 Americans killed by police each year, about 25% are black, and BLM cites this as proof of racism since blacks are just over 13% of the U.S. population. Leftist blacks refuse to weigh black data in the context of higher crime rates than other races, which is why they have more police interactions. Cops go where evidence takes them. They don’t casually enter rough neighborhoods without cause; they could be shot for simply pulling someone over. This 2016 study (by a black economist) showed no real effect of racism on arrest-related deaths with all factors accounted for. BLM’s dehumanization of police is convenient to their agenda but unfair to the majority of decent cops.

Seven critical points dismissed by Black Lives Matter:

  • Black crime rates matter.
  • Criminals are dangerous.
  • Resisting arrest matters.
  • Cops get tough by necessity.
  • Media cherry-picks cases.
  • Exceptions aren’t rules.
  • Everything isn’t racism!

The context of white vs. black incidents gets buried as each sensationalized item goes viral. Each time, BLM ignores counterpoints and reopens the myth of evil white cops out to get black people. They think whites have a corner on evil, though it’s easily debunked by events like the 1994 Rwandan genocide and routine rapes & murders in Africa (see specific case of South Africa). Slavery among blacks had long existed before whites perpetrated it, and they were mainly able to pull it off with superior weapons, not evil intrinsic to a single race, The upshot is that people are not basically good, and you can’t pigeonhole one race as the most sinister. The general control of one race by another usually depends on the best technology, societal organization and ambition for better or worse.

Black Lives Matter had a clear role in the 2016 ambush killings of 5 Dallas cops. At right is a protest over a typical case where a reckless man barely dropped his weapon.

This article isn’t solely about black criminals. They just get the most media sympathy and the narrative is seriously affecting police morale. You’ll find that “ghetto” blacks and “barrio” Hispanics have a lot in common with “trailer park” whites and right-wing trash. They share marginal intelligence, tend to have gun-identity personas, listen to anti-social music (including lowbrow rebel country) and are prone to using violence to get their way. They also tend to be owners of pit bull dogs which have come to symbolize “misunderstood” people. Specifically bred to be aggressive and powerful, their population exploded in recent decades, exposing their negative traits to a much wider demographic. Many of the people in denial of pit bull genetics also defend violent human traits as “sticking up for your own,” which includes vilifying the police.

Aside from some Old West and Prohibition figures, most whites don’t glorify their worst element, but blacks tend lump themselves into one big group of “the oppressed.” They only completely shun the worst cases, like black serial killers, including a U.S. record holder. Remember the happy black reaction to the first O.J. Simpson verdict, including a civilized audience on Oprah? They wanted revenge for past transgressions, not objective justice. Violence perpetrated on innocent bystanders after the Rodney King video (which also omitted him resisting arrest) was targeted at whites and Koreans. Jealousy over Asian economic success has been another chronic element in black rage (there was a time when whites treated Chinese poorly but they rose above it).

Similar behavior was unleashed decades later in the George Floyd “justice” riots, showing exactly why police have always been wary of black criminal impulses. Floyd was an ex-con who’d done armed robbery, porn, drugs, and tried to pass bad money. Not someone you’d want as a neighbor, despite the standard posthumous praise for these martyrs. His luck ran out when he resisted a cruel cop who probably wasn’t intending to kill him in public. The incident was greatly overblown in the context of crime as a widespread public health hazard. Many protestors wanted to defund and/or disband the police. Criminals have long sought this scenario because they hate interruptions. One way to defund the police would be eliminating them from neighborhoods of color where most crime occurs. Officers would be freed from that dangerous grind and have more time for “community policing” where they don’t fear getting shot each day. This would allow bad neighborhoods to “take care of their own” as they claim to desire. Of course, law-abiding residents would quickly admit that criminals, not racism, were always the real problem, and beg for police to return, as would people everywhere, since thugs are mobile.

Degenerates of varying races live barely within the law and enjoy pushing the envelope, e.g. Cop Block and Sovereign Citizen charades where they stonewall and harass cops to catch predictably annoyed reactions on camera. They often call it a “First Amendment Audit” but it’s usually pointless harassment designed to reduce police morale. Effort put into dealing with pseudolaw gadflies can pull manpower from nearby crimes in progress. This foulmouthed punk took it to an extreme and was convicted for aggressive behavior. These people share the core premise that nobody has the right to investigate them as suspicious before a crime occurs. “I’m just filming” is the usual cover story. Many people wish Timothy McVeigh was investigated further before he snapped. He’d probably have bleated about his “rights” being violated. “What do you mean I can’t park at this curb?!”

Of course there are incidents where blacks are treated unfairly, but that’s not the focus of this post. It’s about the scales tipping too far toward criminals and their sympathizers, with too many videos taken out of context. If we want black lives to really matter, good blacks should stop making excuses for bad ones, and gangsta rap music should be seen as creating culture, not reflecting it.

The long-running network TV series, COPS might never have gotten started in today’s thug-martyr climate. It would be seen as pro-police “propaganda.” A less edited view of similar encounters can be found on the PoliceActivity YouTube channel, and various others. Watch enough raw footage and you’ll get a good idea of the stress police deal with. Also, various talks by Sam Harris shed light on law enforcement psychology and the naive detachment of cop-haters. If you want to improve society, support the true victims in any given case.

This page will be updated and reworded at random with new information. If you cite it, please post the link instead of a pasted snapshot.

14 thoughts on “Let the Police Do Their Jobs! Martyred Criminals are the Real Villains.

  1. Dear Japheth

    An intelligent article will get an intelligent reply. Besides reading part of your article, I can look at the pictures which accompanies your article and gather where you are coming from. Your subtle bigotry and disdain for the people who you write against is the basic problem in the world. Crime is committed by “all” peoples in this world, yet with words like “thugs” you obviously are singling out a specific people with disdain. Reports of police abuse and brutality comes from all ethnic groups, are they all wrong? It is ironic when demons demonize their victims to justify their demonic behavior. My question to you is, since you speak with a proposed knowledge of what “cops” go through, are you a current or former police officer, a close relative of one, or one who has either been trained by one or worked closely with someone in the profession? Or do you simply write from a perspective that is void of a first-hand knowledge? You write with an overtone as if armed police officers who kill innocent unarmed citizens are the victims and the innocent victims in which they gun down are the criminals. Does this really seem “intelligent” to you?


    1. False Progress Post author

      I’m not a cop, nor do I have relatives who are, but I’m smart enough to put myself in their shoes. One can gather news and make logical observations without “being” this or that directly. I do have direct experience seeing a neighborhood ruined by several extended families and stragglers who were always looking for trouble and blaming others. See https://www.google.com/search?&q=violent+rap+lyrics (subwoofers have been weaponized with that “music”).

      Researching crime rates you’ll find that certain ethnic groups are “over-represented,” which is a P.C. way of saying blacks cause more trouble per capita. Mexicans tend to be more hard-working and Asians have done quite well, but anyone who gets into gangs is a problem. Good/smart people tend to avoid the whole lifestyle unless they’re seriously trapped. People who wallow in criminal attitudes are exactly what they appear to be, and you’ll find the most vocal cop-haters among them. It’s similar to how polluting white trash hate the EPA.

      I think you just laid confirmation bias all over this post. The word “innocent” is tossed around far too casually, and the Kimmons case in Portland shows how extreme it can get. The law-abiding public is wise to it, but race-card players won’t face the fact that their own people are flawed.


      1. Dear Japheth

        So then I was correct: “You simply write from a perspective that is void of a first-hand knowledge!”

        I never identified any particular people by ethnicity, but you did!

        You speak as an outsider trying to look into a community where you don’t live or ever visited. This is typical behavior of racist people, they use falsified data to judge a people they have never met, spoken to or walked just a quarter of a mile in their shoes.

        How many communities, cities, states or countries have you lived in or visited extensively?

        The crime rate in Australia amongst nearly one hundred percent “white people” is off the chain right now! Crime all over Europe, especially drunk driving and careless driving tops anywhere else! In the US, the opioid epidemic, college campus rapes and suicides are the highest in the state of lily “white” Montana! Gang violence was at an all-time high in California, Illinois and New York among “white people” during the time of Al Capone and the Italian Mafia! Gangs in America was started by “white immigrant people!” The United States of America earliest criminals were the European settlers, followed by the likes of John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Ma Barker and the Barker Boys, Francis “Two Gun” Crowley and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on! White men in America holds the record for being serial killers, pedophiles, embezzlers, rapist and murderers of their wives and children for the insurance money! Crime is committed everyday in America amongst your politicians! This is the reason why there is an inquiry to impeach your President!

        But news about white crime does not reach all over the world or CNN. Yet, there is an inflated report constantly about Africans that has apparently swayed your view.

        You represent a people who are experts at demonizing others while walking like your back trap don’t stink. Clean out between your own cheeks first and fix your own flaws, then you can see clearly the flaws of others!

        When it comes to white people and their mistreatment of Africans in America, they are like white men who rape women and get their jollies, then rise up and turn around and call the woman they raped “white” trash. Now, did she become trash to you only after you raped her, or was she trash before hand when she was minding her own business?

        My question to you would be, Africa is a long way away from America, when the Africans were in their own country minding their own business, were they flawed then or did they become flawed only after they were shipped to the Americas and grown white slave masters raped their young daughters and beat their men so bad until they could no longer be recognized as hue-man beings?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. False Progress Post author

        Again, I’m able to read, watch and process information without being directly employed in various fields. The example of taking global warming seriously without being a climate scientist is a good one. A more direct case is understanding what it must be like to be a combat soldier. Cops are in similar situations every day but it’s not technically “war.”

        Watch these videos of people resisting arrest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXMYxKMh3prxnM_4kYZuB3g/search?query=resisting+arrest+black Cops are legally bound to control unruly people and serve warrants. Here’s a good explanation of why cops are on edge most of the time: https://www.google.com/search?&q=sam+harris+police+shootings

        If someone is dumb enough to escalate a situation by resisting arrest, “racism” is a feeble excuse for what follows. Cops want to stay alive and can’t take chances on a split second when they could be shot or stabbed. Overkill (sometimes literally) is a natural survival tactic. A genuinely innocent person like Atatiana Jefferson of Fort Worth is a tragic victim, but most aren’t and you pretend they are. That’s my point.

        Blacks are not automatic saints for having historical wounds. We know slavery was bad but it was largely due to whites having superior weapons, not being innately more evil than blacks, who’d enslaved their own before, and kill them all the time. The 1994 Rwandan genocide was essentially black thugs killing a different “breed” of black they considered too elegant. Constant black-on-black shootings in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, etc. are largely ignored by Black Lives Matter, whose real agenda is the fight against historical oppression, using police as scapegoats. If they’d only pick truly innocent martyrs, I’d be fine with them.

        If you ever get into a situation where you MUST detain a non-cooperative person before they either escape or kill you, you’ll understand what the police deal with. When it happens to belligerent white trash (whom I also criticize on this blog) they can’t cry racism. Good blacks can certainly get irritated by police but they won’t fight them and risk getting shot. They ought to be more annoyed with their lowest element who give them a chronic image problem, as Chris Rock famously pointed out in 1996.


  2. Dear Japheth

    Again, Your statements prove that your intel comes from what you read and hear in the news. You lack the intelligence to know and understand that the media is controlled by racist white America who floods the atmosphere with every propaganda that makes them look like lily white angels and everyone else like devils. Your viewpoint reflects this. You sound like a typical white male!

    Regarding your statement: “If you ever get into a situation where you MUST detain a non-cooperative person before they either escape or kill you, you’ll understand what the police deal with,” again, you have no idea what I do for a living, if I have already been in a situation like that or not. Your assumption is that I have no idea what Law Enforcement Officers go through, this proves my point of white assumption without knowing facts or having knowledge.

    The whole problem with racist white America is -you don’t listen, you don’t want to listen, you usually have no earthly idea what you are talking about because you listen to what other racist whites have to say rather than listen to the people themselves. This is a reason why white America is headed for a fall without a safety net. I can quote sayings from your own people warning you of your destructive ways all day long, it will not change what and who you people are and the Hell you are headed for. You are an unredeemable clan meant for the Lake of Fire, and your sayings prove it.

    I would above all things that you as an individual will settle your eternity with Yahweh before it’s too late. If you do not, you will find yourself in the same Hell as the people you despise who also do not know The Lord.

    Shalom & Have a good day :)!


    1. False Progress Post author

      “If you do not, you will find yourself in the same Hell as the people you despise who also do not know The Lord.”

      Belief in something unproved and invisible explains the inability to take police incidents on a case-by-case basis. You also keep claiming (broken record) that nobody can understand a particular situation without direct experience, which you claim to have but are vague about.

      Nursing an historical grudge against whites doesn’t justify modern crappy behavior, including mostly black and Latino criminals who refuse to pay for subway tickets yet call the police racist for enforcing the law. https://www.google.com/search?&q=subway+fare+evasion+black+latino

      There’s still racism against good people, but the context of where it occurs is being dumped on police far too often. They’re required to follow through on arrests, hence the use of force as needed. You can’t just say “I don’t want to be arrested” and expect cops to hand you petunias as you yammer about racism.

      Logic 101: People who tangle with cops the most have the highest tendency to commit crimes: https://www.prisonpolicy.org/blog/2018/05/03/homicide_overtime/


  3. Andrew Randrianasulu

    While this was predictable hot topic, I think I can leave reply pointing out phenomenon called “self-validating reduction”:
    “Self-Validating Reduction Toward a Theory of Environmental Devaluation
    I. Self-Validating Reduction
    Let us begin in a familiar place: with the notion of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    “Certain expectations,” as Thomas Schelling puts it in a classic essay, “are
    of such a character that they induce the kind of behavior that will cause
    the expectations to be fulfilled.” A respected stock brokerage predicts
    a strong showing for a certain company’s stock: the result is that many
    buyers buy the stock, creating the very success the brokerage predicted.
    Rumors of failure can destroy banks: the rumor itself may create a panic
    that makes the prediction come true. The charms and rituals used by
    warriors before battle may produce just the confidence and mass excite-
    ment that lead to victory. A teacher betrays certain expectations for a
    student, thus discouraging or encouraging the student and producing
    the performance that justifies the original expectations.”

    from he Incompleat Eco-Philosopher Essays from the Edges of Environmental Ethics – Anthony Weston.pdf
    https://cloud.mail.ru/public/HJTS/SmmJx1pgK – some books I found interesting, including this one.

    It really wrong to blame ONLY one kind of humans for their behavior if they constantly unsupported by others (during their whole live, and much back in time).

    Police obviously might have very hard time – but there is problem with police being workplace, so you can’t simply disobey orders on ‘ethical grounds’, and this leads to police used in …less-than-ethical counter-measures.


    1. False Progress Post author

      You’re merging eco-ethics with police work and I don’t see strong parallels. Police incidents are people vs. people, typically not nature, unless they’re busting some oil-dumper.

      The main point of this particular post is that “people of color” are trying to distract from their high crime rates and foolish/fatal reactions to being arrested. They’re taking advantage of Trump’s views and trying to make themselves look OK by contrast. It’s like the abuses of the Me Too movement (adios Garrison Keillor) but far deadlier.


  4. shoxie

    False Progress, I GREATLY enjoy all of your articles. You, along with the likes of Richard Heinberg, Chris Martenson, Tim Watkins and others, have retained the rare trait of equanimity and level-headedness when appraising reality in these intensely partisan times. Please continue your work, please keep keep writing these excellent articles and do NOT be demoralized when you get trolled by self-hating leftists who are determined to destroy all the most basic values (such as toleration of differences, and freedom of speech) of Western Civilization, the very entity which protects them from real enemies and even gives them the freedom to voice their grievances and exaggerated accusations. This article about the police and martyred criminals takes on a new significance in light of the recent events, with the George Floyd incident and subsequent riots. Everything you’ve said is true. All these morons who have taken to the streets to protest the rare death-by-policeman – calling it a “genocide”, painting the entire country as racist even though almost every third-world would-be migrant across the world wants nothing more than to come to the US, demanding for police forces to be abolished – all of them live in an alternate reality in which non-issues like race and gender take on a disproportionate importance, whilst they are divorced from the issues that really matter, such as the imminent depletion of energy and natural resources, the acceleration of global average temperature rise once the Arctic melts, and the inevitable and excruciating collapse in human population which follows inexorably from the laws of thermodynamics. What will this incident look like from the vantage point of 20-30 years from now when we are well into this horror show? The outrage culture will die a natural death due to worsening conditions of life, but not before it wastes people’s time on nonsense for several years.


    1. False Progress Post author

      Thanks, and well written. Society is definitely fixated on small potatoes, except for global warming, which is pegged as the only environmental challenge worth serious effort, yet so much else is being ruined to fix it.

      I’m not a great writer by pro standards but do put a lot of thought into these pieces. Being truly “fair and balanced” is the goal. If you haven’t seen Heather Mac Donald’s writings and videos on race-relations, you might like them. Very thorough.


      1. shoxie

        Many thanks for responding, and thanks for the recommendation. I will eagerly soak up anything you recommend. Please do not underrate yourself. You are an excellent and eloquent writer. People like me are starved for the opinions of people like you, who can still be fair, balanced, impartial and not intimidated by the mob. You have retained the freedom and independence of thought which was commonplace a few decades ago but which is quickly going extinct.

        I have come across a number of eloquent writers who write about doom, such as Derrick Jensen and Chris Hedges. But as soon as they mention patriarchy, xenophobia, racism, fascism, rape-culture and the usual laundry list of preposterous accusations against the ONLY society which even tolerates the likes of them, I totally switch off. It’s like cutting into a big, juicy, ripe and enticing mango only to find a huge patch of rot. You throw the rot away and eat the good bits. But with you, I get a mango which is all good.

        Again, thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work. If you don’t know already, Gail Zawacki and James Kunstler are other eloquent voice of doom who do not entertain any of the common leftist delusions and have dared defy the mob’s taboos about what not to say:


      2. False Progress Post author

        Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency” is one of the best book titles, and I’ve heard of Zawacki (she ain’t wacky) with a podcast queued for awhile. But you know this material settles into a familiar drone after you’ve been exposed long enough. The trick is figuring out how to get the general populace on board by reaching some universal part of the mind.


      3. shoxie

        There is NO way to connect with some universal part of the mind of the mob. They are determined to destroy all vestiges of a shared universal common culture, values and ideas. They detest the idea of reducing multiplicities to universal ideas and laws. These, they say, are artificial constructs imposed on otherwise free individuals by oppressive power structures. They are nihilism and entropy made manifest. They aspire to the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel as their highest ideal, where everyone speaks a different language, both literally and figuratively. Everything tumbles in their wake. Even without climate change and biosphere collapse forming the grim backdrop of our existence, even if earth were restored to pristine forests, rivers, oceans and topsoil, they will STILL see Western Civilization through to its eventual destruction and possible conquest by an outside force.

        You surely must have read Ted Kaczynski’s discussion of leftism in his “Industrial Society and its Future”. If not, it’s essential reading, as is “Anti-Tech Revolution”.

        Hambone Littletail (Humptudumptytribe or Collapse Chronicles on Youtube) is one of my favorite chroniclers of doom. He once said that there are at least 11 horsemen of the apocalypse all in a race to claim us first. We have cross ALL 9 of the planet’s critical boundaries. I venture to say that leftism is yet another one of these horsemen, and possibly leading the pack.

        WE ARE GOING DOWN. If people are so thin skinned and psychologically unsound that one rare incident of police malfeasance can set them off, I dread to think how they will respond when the REAL problems are finally upon us.

        Anyway, I really enjoyed this exchange and look forward to more of your articles. I’ll leave you to your work. Thanks for responding to my messages.


  5. Andrew Randrianasulu

    …Guess I noticed a patter. Most humans can’t even realize there are many wrongs today, they keep fighting each other, instead of seeing bigger problems, even if somewhat obscured by rhtorics. I’m quit from this blog.



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