Republicans Disrespect Nature’s Laws and Democrats Disrespect Law Enforcement

America is stuck with rigid ideologies that follow logic in some areas and denial in others. This post covers two big examples from the first Trump versus Biden Presidential debate on September 29, 2020.

Biden lies about Leftist and black crime, Trump lies about climate change and fires.
Biden lies about black & leftist crime while Trump lies about climate change and increasingly bad wildfires.

Trump spent most of the debate flouting the question & answer format, talking over both Biden and moderator Chris Wallace (one of Fox News’ most reasonable anchors). Of course, this wasn’t surprising and probably didn’t hurt Trump’s reputation. Biden went in with more to lose, given his earned reputation for talking incoherently.

Thankfully, Biden didn’t make any major gaffes, but he lied about this summer’s violence not being Left-wing, and dodged questions about police support for his candidacy. This was done to appease his BIPOC supporters who see themselves as permanent victims. He gave murky answers about how to balance calls for defunding police and keeping crime down, but told the truth about a rioting trend driven by Trump as agitator-in-chief. If he’s re-elected, America faces a dilemma of even worse riots, and the same difficulties in controlling them.

When Wallace persisted on the topic of climate, Trump refused to indict CO2 as a problem, changing the subject to the “crystal clear” water & air he’s fought against by defunding the EPA. He also repeated tiresome lies about “forest management” being enough to prevent fires from spreading in states like California and Oregon. Trump doesn’t consider the size of affected lands (workers could never reach it all) and many fires burn in grass and brush, not mature or dead trees. Also, was there ever such management in previous decades of lesser fires? He cited Europe as an example of managed forests, failing to note that they’ve cleared more of theirs relative to America, as an older civilization. Also, much of Europe is at higher latitudes than the U.S. with fewer long hot spells. Context like that is wasted on Trump and his low-information followers.

In summary, the Left’s refusal to address obvious links between black crime and numbers of police encounters (or even Antifa’s existence as a group) is no less dishonest than the Right’s refusal to accept evidence for man-made global warming and other environmental hazards. There are no real sages in mainstream politics, just appeasers of mob thinking. Society’s in an endless bickering rut, fueled by shallow social media normalization. Wise legislators would block future Presidents from tweeting to maintain dignity of the office by keeping all statements official. The Constitution never saw Presidents as bartenders!

As for which pack of lies is more dangerous, this author thinks environmental denials are much worse in the long run, but the Left is also wrong about how to save the planet, so most agendas are troublesome unless nuclear power takes off (see new hope for that). This blog is far more concerned about nature staying intact than solving intractable social issues. Both political parties are missing the point that survival is our biggest concern in this overcrowded world. It’s dumb to make racial excuses for crimes against people and even dumber to profit from crimes against nature.

This page will be updated and reworded at random with new information. If you cite it, please post the link instead of a pasted snapshot.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Disrespect Nature’s Laws and Democrats Disrespect Law Enforcement

  1. shoxie

    A nice illustration of the impossible choice faced by sensible and rational people who are alert and awake to reality, who don’t indulge in denial. Vote for Biden, and America becomes a giant seminar on race and gender studies. You will be regularly tested on the correctness of your thoughts, and should you fail, say goodbye to your livelihood and watch the cancel-culture mob spray graffiti all over your house. The United States as a whole becomes a carbon copy of California and New York, which have been ruined by progressive policies. The constitution will be perverted, the bill of rights will be repealed, your guns will be taken away, freedom of speech will be abolished, the founding fathers will be erased from the collective memory of the nation, borders will be opened and hordes of South Americans and Third World’ers will pour in and turn America into the proverbial Tower of Babylon, with everyone speaking a different language. With the shared common American culture destroyed, ALL social problems will become IMPOSSIBLE to solve. I dare not imagine how much worse things will be without the police.

    Vote for Trump, and the dissolution of the biosphere on the American continent will continue unabated, especially now that the EPA is practically defunct. I disagree about Trump agitating the riots. It’s all the far left and the Democrats, who do nothing to discourage them. All this is classic Marxism-Leninism: create so much noise and clamor that you project the impression of popular support, even though this is a relatively small and fringe movement. People believe that Trump sending National Guard troops and making inflammatory statements has fueled the mob and made the rioting worse. But I believe Trump has been much too restrained. If this was China, the mob, which has done so much to undermine authority and stir the anarchistic spirit, would have been rounded up and sent to concentration camps for organ harvesting. America has been MUCH TOO PERMISSIVE in the last few months towards these Marxists/Leninists on the streets, who have done so much to demoralize ordinary Americans.

    NEITHER candidate has a grasp of the direness of our greater situation, though with regard to the welfare of the environment, the Democrats are much closer to the truth. The choice 2020: say goodbye to your freedom and the American nation, or say goodbye to a substantial chunk of the natural environment. It is as bad a choice between two evils as one can have.


    1. False Progress Post author

      It’s good to see some other anti-leftists who aren’t anti-environmentalists by default. The GOP could win far more elections if it applied logic to all aspects of life.

      Regarding Trump as agitator-in-chief, my point is that his very presence raised the potential for riots, and there were small riots simply over his election. No other President has been such a race-baiter during his campaign and while in office. The combination of his temperament, mask culture from COVID-19, plus unemployed activists with free time surely contributed to a perfect riot storm.


      1. shoxie

        I’ll concede on Trump’s unpresidential temperament, demeanor and manner of self-presentation. It was painful to watch him debating Biden. I managed to get through about a quarter of it, then closed the window. Trump and Bolsonaro’s policies on the environment have appalled and disgusted me to no end. I can no longer bear to read news about what is happening to the Amazon under Bolsonaro. Just too painful. When one views the human race’s situation from outer space as a detached observer, the environmental problem FAR, FAR outweighs all other issues. It should be at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. But this cannot be possible if the culture is diverting people’s attention into relative non-issues….

        I vehemently object to Trump being called a race-baiter. The democrats and the far-left are the race-baiters in chief. Who is pumping the youth full of identity-politics and “Critical Race Theory” in Universities and “diversity-training seminars”? Who is advocating unequal treatment of races based on skin color and ethnicity in universities and “diversity-departments” of big business? Who has been protesting on the streets against “black genocide,” tearing down statues and burning cities to ashes, even though death by policeman is statistically rare? Who has been exaggerating the scale and extent of “systemic racism,” even though the country voted a black president in not once but twice, and even though every oppressed non-white around the world would pick America as their No. 1 destination to emigrate to? Trump’s contribution to the race-baiting is paltry in comparison to the Democrats and the far-left. If he does stoke the flames, it’s more because the schools, universities and the leftist culture at large have taught people to be thin-skinned, easy to offend and intolerant, not necessarily because he is offensive per se. In recent times, the MAIN reason racism is alive and well in America is because the far-left just won’t let it die. In reality, there has been a slow and gradual improvement in race-relations over decades. It’s unreasonable to expect people to change their attitudes overnight, and forcing social engineering schemes (like racial quotas in university admissions) upon them will only invite resentment, hostility and backlash. Rather let the organic forces of social evolution have free play. Society has been moving towards better race relations; no need to force it. But the Dems feel the need to keep fomenting class conflict so that they can portray themselves as the saviors. Like I said, it’s classic Marxism/Leninism – inflame existing tensions, or manufacture new problems (such as pretending that America is a racist, fascist, imperialist dictatorship), then pretend to fight against oppression on behalf of the downtrodden. (Don’t you find it shockingly hypocritical and duplicitous of the far left that they NEVER call out the the Chinese regime, which – with its concentration camps, cultural and ethnic genocide, organ harvesting – fits EXACTLY the description of the evil regime that the far left is pretending to fight against? On the contrary, the left-leaning corporations like Google, Facebook and Hollywood want to do business with China.) And just like Communists, once the Dems come to power, they will gradually abandon all their fake sympathy and obligation towards the “oppressed,” just as the CCP have done.

        I will leave the discussion here. Do take cognizance of what I’ve written.


      2. False Progress Post author

        No disagreement on environmental issues, of course.

        I think you’re just not seeing the full context of race-baiting: = “the making of verbal attacks against members of a racial group” and = “to persecute or exasperate with unjust, malicious, or persistent attacks”

        Trump is notorious for broad-brushing Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, saying Maxine Waters has a low-IQ, questioning Obama’s birth certificate, seeking Muslim travel bans, and so on. He’s agitated many in those groups, so I’m not sure where you get your news on him & race. In the current context of riots, Trump seems moral, but he insults people and lies constantly, like his debate claim that Portland’s (actually county) sheriff supports him, refuted on Twitter. That sheriff later said his popularity for the tweet would wane, since he’s still about stopping crime. Trump just does things with a sledgehammer where finesse is needed.


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