It’s Not Racist To Defend Your Quality Of Life From Different Cultures

Note: Read the FULL content of this post before assuming it’s simplistic or bigoted in these polarized times.

Today’s woke, anti-police movement is naively idealistic and ignores how societies stay functional over time. This overzealous cause has decided that everyone has equal abilities, and any group that fails to thrive at modern* standards must be oppressed by others. Wokeness insists on equal outcomes merely because it seems fair. It’s really a conspiracy theory because it claims the world could be (or once was) truly fair, with scant historical evidence. Our species isn’t capable of consistent altruism, and all races are prejudiced against others in certain ways. Some claim racism only applies when one group has power over another, but there’s a lot more context. Power can simply mean the ability to spoil a neighborhood with unkempt yards or noise. It needn’t require political control.

The starkly-observed real world shows that certain “people of color” shift modern European & Asian societies to a lower level than they’ll tolerate, even if they won’t admit it directly. Some groups just have inherent traits that make their native lands unable to blend with modern life, which drives immigration pressure as they seek better prospects. When they arrive in new lands, a certain percentage will never assimilate or even try. You can ignore this known phenomenon, try to hide it with legislation, or face it squarely. That third approach is forbidden among liberals who prefer a complex framework of denial, driven by guilt over historical sins with no statute of limitations. They treat the past as more important than the future.

They downplay racial groups who overcome adversity on their own. Asian American successes show that quality of life actually rests on collective personal traits, not skin color. They were once persecuted but had the mettle and brainpower to rise above it in new lands. You don’t see them fighting police or trying to impress people with money the easy way. Other groups just haven’t shown enough of those qualities, given centuries to prove otherwise. Beware of books like Guns, Germs and Steel that try to re-frame the obvious to avoid offending anyone. Indignant attitudes over anything that might be offensive are central to identity politics. It’s a lazy strategy to discourage accountability and keep people angry.

Inability to control crime is a common problem in third-world countries, and their physical infrastructure tends to be weak for similar reasons (if they can even build it themselves). They can’t gather enough skills or discipline to make things work in modern ways. Similarly, groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter find crime acceptable because they’re too lazy to live in a rigorous (sometimes boring) way that keeps human nature in line. Instead, they want everyone to be agitated, constantly high, and free to avoid solid routines. This doesn’t align with pragmatic ways of living, and many of them are too young to see why. Radicals are mainly good at throwing tantrums and breaking things, so police are their natural enemies. No need to take it much deeper than that! There will always be some oppression, but many oppressors can be found in the mirror.

Antifa & Black Lives Matter riots.
Antifa & Black Lives Matter are anarcho-communists who want to “f-ck shit up” but the media constantly downplays their violence.

Blacks have an unruly, impulsive subgroup (akin to dumb rednecks) that constantly disrespects anyone in earshot or gunshot range. We’re allowed to mock trashy rednecks as bad neighbors, yet forced to have sympathy for their black counterparts due to historical oppression, and therein lies the problem. Their life soundtrack (also adopted by nasty whites) is angry rap music that amplifies negative traits. The 2021 Miami Beach spring break crowds were a recent example; primarily rowdy black people “doing what they do” without regard for others. Noisy hip-hop culture, twerking and unintelligible yammering are a big part of it. How they got that way in America is complicated, but it can be traced to 1960s welfare programs breaking up families and making fathers optional. Street gangs fill the void and crime follows. It’s a fact of life that men get out of control more easily than women, and have to be raised correctly.

It’s OK to admit what’s already clear to millions of Americans stuck living amid it. The media (liberal aspect) tries to hide black crime by blaming law enforcers and coddling the lawless over old race grievances. Joe Biden didn’t stand for that excuse in 1993, but he’s gambling big with the race card now. See more details on the crime topic and why George Floyd was no John Lewis (bad trouble vs. good trouble). The Derek Chauvin trial verdict was overwrought to appease thug culture and maintain a victimhood narrative. It should have been about one arrestee and a jaded cop, not a nationwide referendum on police, as if criminals are kind & gentle to others of their race. Cops don’t exist to “oppress POC.” They keep bad people in check, and should be respected for vital work. We’d need literal robocops for no errors to occur.

Conservative and generally wise blacks often point this out but get branded as Uncle Toms because they aren’t afraid to be intelligent or “act white.” The constantly complaining black element isn’t friendly to criminals by chance. Pseudo-intellectual whites who support Black Lives Matter assume that breaking windows and setting fires is a form of redress, not just destruction. They’re bent on defunding and deconstructing modern police and replacing them with warlords and biased rules that fail in civilized nations (Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP was purely parasitic). They somehow think it’s a fresh idea that appeals to the public.

Few Americans want to see this become normalized. Our homeless camps look similar for good reason.

Civilized people want clean, quiet, nice surroundings, not homeless camps, social parasites and criminals doing whatever they please. Reasonable people don’t harp on random police blunders when it’s obvious who’s truly brutal and committing the most crime, in America and Europe after they dived into multiculturalism. Slavery and old white sins are a separate issue from modern crime control, but social justice zealots want to merge everything into one big gripe against the system. They offer nothing historically workable as a replacement, just cheap slogans and ruined property.

Equality of outcome is an unrealistic goal, since people end up where they are via ambition, brainpower and many subtle factors, not just external forces. We’re a lot more like tree branches than leaves on the wind. But equality of outcome is a central thesis of socialists who refuse to accept the foundations of human nature. Many of them mean well but they don’t accurately observe longstanding patterns (what works and what doesn’t). They exist in a stupor of blind hope, often aided by drugs that give a false sense of expanded awareness.

As other posts on this blog point out, modern* economies are unsustainable in their current form, but taking the sleazy road by blaming law enforcement for maintaining livability is the realm of criminals, not true progressives. We can’t keep lowering moral & achievement bars to please people who gripe unless everything’s given to them.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Not Racist To Defend Your Quality Of Life From Different Cultures

  1. shoxie

    Thanks for the article. Everything is pretty much correct, and for that reason I expect a troll-fest in the comment section by those who take issue with objective reality. I’m a little worried for this blog though. You much surely know by now that Big Tech, and this includes WordPress, does NOT want people to even talk about race, gender, demographics, IQ and mass immigration. The would find this blog post incendiary. I would HIGHLY recommend transferring this content to your own server, maybe a parallel website where everything here is mirrored.

    I will take issue with making this a race issue. It’s the leftists/liberals/SJW’s in Big Tech, Mainstream Media and in Education that are stirring up these inter-group antagonisms. They’re not just driving wedges between races, but between the sexes. You must surely know that men and women in the West are becoming hostile to another, the women being encouraged to be overly masculine, the men becoming effeminate and weak, with the result that the two sexes can no longer recognize, much less court, each other. And of course there’s the whole transgender and gender-related lunacy which I won’t go into. Bottomline: There’s more to this story than race. The overarching story is the subversion and destruction of Western culture. Subverting the traditional relationships between the sexes and the races is one of the many prongs of attack. The idea is to alienate people from one another, destroy group solidarity, destroy the shared common culture, weaken the citizenry so that they do NOT pose any threat to the new dictatorship that is emerging, and dis-empower them by employing such tactics as opening the floodgates at the Mexican border and allowing hordes of illegal immigrants to pour in and swamp the proud and self-respecting citizens of America, thus making every individual feel small and insignificant and unable to change the course of events. It’s exactly as per the Marxist-Leninist playbook. The ultimate goal is to destroy the human spirit, turn everybody into compliant robots, and establish a permanent dictatorship a la North Korea.


      1. shoxie

        These people are such a bunch of losers. If that can’t even handle a comment that mild… Get the hec off Twitter, Facebook etc. Start posting on and Gab is growing in leaps and bounds and is devoted to true free speech. Parler has been compromised. It has been relaunched but it will, as per Apple’s suggestions, remove “hate” content. Do you get what I’m saying? There’s no corner of the internet which this cult isn’t contaminating and making adult conversations impossible to have. The word “conspiracy” has taken on an odious connotation, implying someone is unhinged for believing in it. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are indeed conspiracies afoot in the real world which we live in today. One of these conspiracies is to cast more and more language under the blanket term “hate speech,” and by this method slowly encroach upon free speech. After a number of years have passed, free speech will be impossible, and as a consequence certain thoughts will be unthinkable. People can’t rebel if they can’t first think about rebellion. Get my drift?


      2. False Progress Post author

        Well, Twitter has a bigger audience and one can walk a fine line in a rebooted account. I’d rather not just preach to the choir on other sites, since people who need their minds changed won’t see it. A boomerang effect will hopefully cancel wokeism if history repeats itself, but the theme of this blog is that people are destined to wreck things.

        R.I.P. Elin Krantz, a newly-found symbol of how quality of life tanks.


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