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Twitter Interprets Facts About Crime as “Hateful Conduct”

Since mid-2020, it’s been “progressive” to see cities burned, tagged and looted by anarcho-communists in cahoots with street thugs who thrive on weakened law-enforcement. These degenerates have relentlessly scapegoated police and raised crime rates over the death of a fentanyl-using home-invasion robber, never proved to be racially-motivated. But, if you call out the biggest per-capita perpetrators of violent crime using slightly harsh words, you’ll get blocked or banned from Twitter.

Twitter allows rioters to post violent propaganda, yet blocks people who post inconvenient crime data.

The big sin is not agreeing with wokeists who claim everything is about identity, never personal behavior. It’s always about “police violence,” never the fact that criminals play dirty 24/7 and sometimes it’s dished back at them. If you’re black, you can even shoot other blacks in front of police and receive sobbing eulogies. Black Lives Matter is a criminal rights movement that should be called Thug Lives Matter.

When caught in the annoying bind of being blocked for factual statements, all one can do is document the “offensive content” and hope others fare better with their words. Much like YouTube, Twitter won’t block you for stretching weirdness and vulgarity, just posting facts on bad behavior among protected classes. The technically oppressed are often oppressors of their own people, but snitching isn’t allowed.

Below is the inevitable outcome of posting about deadly street thugs who whine about police. Or deconstructing Critical Ruse Theory (skin color is the new proletariat for Marxists). Sooner or later you’ll get reported by a clueless crime-denier yelling about “justice” for criminals who harm their own people more than anyone.

Note the lack of profanity in those two tweets, compared to typical BLM/Antifa “f-ck, b-tch, and kill cops” commentary from vile people who mutilate their bodies with tattoos & piercings and trash cities with equal lack of regard for aesthetics. Smug vandalism is also being done to nature in the name of Green progress. Gone are the days when disdain for aesthetics was mostly a right-wing trait.

Twitter censors don’t care that this author also thinks Trump is a crook with no business holding public office, and that many others on the Right are immoral. You’re just forced to pick a tribal side these days. No shades of gray are allowed within PC limits.

If you can’t say anything bad about today’s most prolific criminals, or the full context of slavery, you’re stuck watching society disintegrate from hypocrisy.

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