This started as an anti-noise rant while a neighborhood was being ruined, then branched into the topic of planetary ruin. There can be no economy without a functioning planet and too many people are ungrateful for the latter.

My goal is to call out bad behavior among both conservatives & liberals who spoil nature and hinder progress in different ways. Not all solutions can be centrist and there may be none in some cases. Other “doomer” blogs reach similar conclusions but this tries to eliminate partisan angles. Facts here have been pulled from scientific sources (suggest any corrections needed). To make it clear to some; the blog’s name refers to what’s being criticized, not the posted conclusions!

Vitals: Earth science enthusiast, son of biologist, pro nature conservative, deep ecologist & inevitable misanthrope, race realist on crime, against reality-denial & political correctness, critical thinker on all issues.

If you cite anything from here, please use links instead of pasted text, since existing pages may be updated.


1 thought on “About

  1. neilrieck

    Like you, I also consider myself a political centrist. But in this age of labels, my liberal friends call me “a conservative wonk” while my conservative friends call me “a lefty”. In the end I really dislike politicians (they are the weeds of humanity) and cannot wait until we replace them with some sort of A.I. solution as described in chapter-9 of the book “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov.



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