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Twitter Interprets Facts About Crime as “Hateful Conduct”

Since mid-2020, it’s been “progressive” to see cities burned, tagged and looted by anarcho-communists in cahoots with street thugs who thrive on weakened law-enforcement. These degenerates have relentlessly scapegoated police and raised crime rates over the death of a fentanyl-using home-invasion robber, never proved to be racially-motivated. But, if you call out the biggest per-capita perpetrators of violent crime using slightly harsh words, you’ll get blocked or banned from Twitter.

Twitter allows rioters to post violent propaganda, yet blocks people who post inconvenient crime data.

The big sin is not agreeing with wokeists who claim everything is about identity, never personal behavior. It’s always about “police violence,” never the fact that criminals play dirty 24/7 and sometimes it’s dished back at them. If you’re black, you can even shoot other blacks in front of police and receive sobbing eulogies. Black Lives Matter is a criminal rights movement that should be called Thug Lives Matter.

When caught in the annoying bind of being blocked for factual statements, all one can do is document the “offensive content” and hope others fare better with their words. Much like YouTube, Twitter won’t block you for stretching weirdness and vulgarity, just posting facts on bad behavior among protected classes. The technically oppressed are often oppressors of their own people, but snitching isn’t allowed.

Below is the inevitable outcome of posting about deadly street thugs who whine about police. Or deconstructing Critical Ruse Theory (skin color is the new proletariat for Marxists). Sooner or later you’ll get reported by a clueless crime-denier yelling about “justice” for criminals who harm their own people more than anyone.

Note the lack of profanity in those two tweets, compared to typical BLM/Antifa “f-ck, b-tch, and kill cops” commentary from vile people who mutilate their bodies with tattoos & piercings and trash cities with equal lack of regard for aesthetics. Smug vandalism is also being done to nature in the name of Green progress. Gone are the days when disdain for aesthetics was mostly a right-wing trait.

Twitter censors don’t care that this author also thinks Trump is a crook with no business holding public office, and that many others on the Right are immoral. You’re just forced to pick a tribal side these days. No shades of gray are allowed within PC limits.

If you can’t say anything bad about today’s most prolific criminals, or the full context of slavery, you’re stuck watching society disintegrate from hypocrisy.

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Why Black Lives Matter & Antifa are Pointless Causes

Even in a feasible anarcho-communist society, criminals would still exist as part of human nature. Some of them would unavoidably die while resisting arrest, so you’re back at square one. Only a far more evolved species could manage perfect peace and altruism.

Graceland’s stone walls were vandalized with graffiti in Sep. 2020. Was this “justice” for specific black singers Elvis overshadowed? Notice who’s cleaning it up.

The net impact on America of the BLM/Antifa gestalt organism has been this:

  1. Heightened defensiveness and fear among the general public over cherry-picked exaggerations of every possible racist remark or transgression. It defines the word divisive because that’s its intent.
  2. Jobs are lost to virtue-signaling as fear spreads through corporations and makes their images a target. You can’t say anything even slightly off-color about anyone of color, or female.
  3. Whiny, masked cowards run around breaking other people’s property, claiming it “can be replaced,” whereas the lives of robbers, rapists and murderers are sacred if they brawl with police and lose. Antifa types are so deluded that if a black guy shoots them, they’ll blame The System. It couldn’t just be the thug’s violent temper.
  4. More general crime in woke-addled cities, typically affecting poor black people the most (irony lost). This is directly tied to police demoralization and early retirements. SJWs feign “compassion for all people” but won’t walk in a cop’s shoes or learn why arrest tactics usually save lives. Since Antifa knows street fighting dynamics, they should grasp why cops are forced to use knees, etc.

Thanks, BLM & Antifa (pragmatically Blacktifa), for spoiling America on top of Trump’s greed stain you sought to clean up. Your critical thinking skills are weak and, like broken windows, you’ve accomplished nothing of lasting value. Identity politics and victimhood end up empowering the lazy. Look at the setbacks you’ve dealt to true civil rights.

With roughly 100 million deaths, crime and famine aren’t bugs of your Marxist ideology, they’re features. Critical Race Theory has made melanin content more important than MLK’s content of character theme. “Police violence” (which you pretend happens in a vacuum) has become more newsworthy than brutal criminal violence. A number of you have relatives killed by G. Floyd types, but you still don’t get it. See this woke-prefaced 2021 Lancet study that claimed to find a conspiracy of hidden police killings by reinterpreting old data.

For any hope of a stable America, BLAMtifa needs to fade away by the time Biden leaves office. In his zeal to finally get elected, he went along with something he really doesn’t believe in.

Recommended black authors and speakers on this topic, since whites have lost the right to practice parrhesia.

Advice for people who hate the police:

If you don’t want to deal with cops, don’t be a slouchy, sullen, rude criminal, and don’t hang out with those types (people who claim to respect them often just fear them). Try to work with society, even though it’s got unsolvable problems. You’ll find that your skin color is less important than your behaviors and associations, though racism and conflict will never really end. All races are racist to some degree; mistrust of human differences is probably genetic. Just be the best representative of whatever ethnic group you’re in.

If you’re white, quit trying to fight other people’s battles, lay off the drugs (impractical visions), and don’t gripe about “the system” unless you have a workable alternative. Anarchy is lazy and useless. Also, anti-authority types on the trashy Right want to weaken environmental protections. The Left claims to be pro-environment but it supports litterers and vandals if they’re homeless or rioters. Those people just waste resources needed for cleanups and repairs. Stop and study what you’re actually doing, not just how righteous you feel.

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