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Woke Wind Energy: No Justice or Peace for Natural Scenery, Wildlife and Rural People

There are few people in this world I could dislike more than farmers and other country types who see the continuation of their quiet way of life as more important than the loud improvement, advancement, development of their society.” – Charles Mudede

Wind power zealotry is an ugly trend, and there’s more than one ideology behind its destructive path. If the above quote isn’t smug enough, the following paraphrased sentences aren’t exaggerated, either.



As revealed in articles and forums, many wind power advocates favor “climate justice” that flips the bird at honest environmentalism and sanctions the killing of real birds & bats. This attitude replaces longstanding conservation principles and uses carbon-obsession as an anti-oppression wedge. Starting in the late 1990s and accelerating in the mid 2000s, the environmental land ethic was buried by carbon monomania, with new emotional blackmail added during the race-obsessed 2010s. Environmentalism has fully absorbed the toxic leftism that repelled conservatives, starting with the 1960s hippie movement.

Just as Antifa & Black Lives Matter damage historical city buildings & statues to annoy mainstream society, wind energy zealots deface the land & sea to gesture “against” the fossil fuel legacy while merely abetting it. Their willingness to ignore these new, bleak landscapes shows the power of mob psychology. Activists may not build the actual wind turbines but they see them as different from old industrial icons like coal mines. Some will applaud mountains and coastlines blighted by giant white spikes, yet claim to despise small sins like Casey Nocket’s rock paintings, nearly invisible outside of social media. Perceived greenness is the color they consider oppressed, not caring about insincere branding. Like their SJW counterparts, WJWs (wind justice warriors) get angry when challenged on assumptions. “YOU MUST BE A RACIST AND A CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER.” Even if you explain that you fully understand AGW, they’ll cancel your opinion.

Leftists see police as an unnecessary evil, and the wind-woke think fossil fuels can also be pragmatically abolished. This agenda is most common among younger people who haven’t formed a balanced worldview, growing up when global warming news framed people as bigger victims than nature. This occurred while PC overpopulation denial became a trend. As with growing human numbers, neo-environmentalists don’t grasp the physical sprawl of “clean” energy relative to the “dirty” energy that builds it. Since dirty builds clean, how is clean not at least soiled? Extraction of all energy resources adds cumulative harm to nature. There’s no easy substitute based on evidence, so they pick the “greenest” angle for their slogans.

There's no free energy lunch and wind power sprawls further due to lower density.
“Renewables” zealots are too drunk on slogans to understand the scale of energy production. You can’t just reuse existing industrial lands.

These people need to be shown that sprawling wind projects can’t exist without portable, sufficiently dense energy to build them. Fossil fuels and wind are allies, not alternatives to each other. Short of a miracle battery that withstands rapid charging and high heat, portable, strong energy can only be had from oil, gas & coal. If you keep trying to build & maintain weak energy machines from only weak energy sources, the laws of ERoI & entropy quickly head toward a net energy cliff. With fossil fuels, the world could shake off ERoI losses because those inputs yielded much denser outputs. “Renewables” speculators refuse to apply that math to their gadgets.

Just look at the enormous size wind turbines require to spin relatively small generators. Their whole structure and array-spacing is inefficient because wind lacks density (vs. water dams). That inefficiency is what makes them so intrusive on nature. No large wind turbine has been built solely with wind or solar power, including materials-mining, fabrication, transport, installation, maintenance and backup power (typically from natural gas). If you’re against fracking yet for wind power, you don’t understand interdependence or scaling math. Wind wokeness also tends to shun hydro power, the ground-level version of aerial turbines.

Other intractable problems with wind energy have been covered on this blog. It’s just important to understand the latest emotional roots of wokeist climate-obsession, labeling those who still respect scenery & wildlife as “deniers.” Resistance to Big Wind doesn’t mean there’s no climate emergency. The eco-woke create a false dilemma with wind as a must-do option, rather than accepting its deep flaws.

A true climate solution is unlikely without degrowth and acceptance of scarcity. But, given Man’s track record, nothing is assured to work in any future scenario. Over the next few decades, small-footprint nuclear power may be the only way to preserve nature’s physical grandeur and the animals that fly through it. If you’re woke for Big Wind, learn more about environmentalism’s roots.

Overall, environmental progress is tainted by identity politics. It puts poor people in the automatic victim category, yet they inflict damage like deforestation through sheer numbers, minus tech-amplification. Personal character always matters, since ruthless takers exist in all groups. A home invasion robber like George Floyd could have become an African rhino poacher, given his failure to respect other laws. Be careful when you pick martyrs for any cause.

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