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YouTube/Google Promotes Gratuitous Violence, Disrespect for Wildlife and Resource Waste

Google’s Don’t Be Evil motto has become a long-running joke. They’ll grab view-counts and revenue from the lowest sources.

For all its useful how-to topics, reviews, interviews, music, movies and science documentaries, YouTube fails to enforce its own community guidelines on vile acts and gratuitous death. Nowhere is this more true than “hunting” videos or clips of pet dogs killing various species. Under the vague banner of survival skills or cultural education, YouTube has become an outlet for rural depravity and wildlife serial killers. Positive comments on these videos, like “nice shot!” or “the dogs got him!” reflect the crassness of the material. A typical I.Q.-85 response to negative comments is “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” The number of animals succumbing to gunfire far exceeds human-on-human mass shootings, including all wars combined.

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kill+shot+compilation or https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dog+fights+raccoon

It’s clear that some animals are shot to death solely for making videos, and there’s an apparent rise in voyeuristic hunting licenses just for this purpose. They see other trashy trophy hunters killing for ego and want to add their own corpse piles. Some of these neo-hunters do emphasize ethics, but spread the false impression that wildlife could sustain large populations the “natural” way. They can’t see that urban residents would starve without dense livestock (and planted fields vs. gathering).

This directly describes many loosely-defined “hunting” videos and dog-sick-’em porn. When called on this, YT goes into lawyer-mode or says nothing.

There should be a separate site called SnuffTube for this so-called “recreational” or “educational” content. Trophy and “sport” hunting videos are often filled with slow-motion replays of bullet-strikes, mountain folk testing rifles at cruelly inaccurate distances, or pit bulls shaking rodents to death. Reckless gun-play videos merge into this category, showing yahoos out in the woods or desert “shootin’ stuff and blowin’ stuff up.” They tend to be the very people who ought not own firearms!

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gun+bullet+test or https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=50+caliber+vs

Most gun-play involves wasted target objects, like seeing how many pieces of X caliber Y can penetrate. There’s also a Pranks genre that wastes large volumes of resources, like covering mansions in toilet paper, filling swimming pools with bath bombs, or wasting oil with car stunts and emissions modifications. Vlogging families that record vapid daily routines merge with the prank category, since they tend to gin-up the action. Those videos could be moved to a site called GluttonTube. Many video-creators seem to be fairly wealthy from YouTube revenues and magnify environmental problems caused by disposable income. The whole scene feeds on itself.

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pool+prank+gallons or https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pranks+gone+wrong

Borderline pornographic content is another common subject, though less technically offensive than weapons-related videos. Countless “yoga” sessions, best named as “hot yoga,” fall into the near-porn category. Women preen and show off under the ruse that it’s not entirely about sex. On or off YouTube, the “fitness model” craze rides on titillation and there’s no end to glossy asses and bathroom selfies. Too much easy exposure to sexual signals must be warping kids. Gone are the days of finding dad’s magazine stash.

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hot+yoga+ass (it’s all about heath, eh?)

Despite all that, YouTube censors often find free speech more offensive than visually mature or evil content. For example, if you note that POC have a big crime problem but groups like Black Lives Matter try to blame their moral failings on police, the woke brigade may ban you for simply observing the world. This is a systemic problem on other social media sites, of course.

In a best case scenario, YouTube may slyly be allowing trashy videos to showcase the depravity of human nature in the hope that activists will control it, but that seems unlikely. It’s gone on far too long.

One solution could be YouTube eventually running out of server space (typically denied, like most limits on this planet) and being forced to delete millions of hours of junk footage. They could start today with anything that showcases death as entertainment.

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Oil is FINITE at any price. Why do people keep wasting it?

“The human race does not have a very good record of intelligent behavior.” – Stephen Hawking

If you walk through almost any city you’ll see people idling their engines at zero MPG, often fooling with their smartphones or GPS devices. They seem oblivious to their surroundings and time itself. Sometimes it goes on for 30+ minutes, including situations where someone stands outside talking with the driver. Oil-wasters are easiest to spot at night when glowing screens and headlights give them away. Unsurprisingly, they waste bulbs like they waste oil, thinking “I’ll just buy more.” When the price of fuel is modest, idle-waste tracks with general apathy more than income. It’s a way of life in America; get inside, turn the key and don’t even think about where oil comes from as long as you can “afford the gas.” Gratuitous fuel squandering isn’t new but mobile entertainment has made it notably worse. The phenomenon peaks during extreme weather but it happens in all seasons and the apathy is obvious.

These wastrels could at least limit idling on hot and cold days by parking in the shade when possible, or blasting the heater before they park, letting residual heat linger inside. Also, a big 12-volt battery won’t get drained by charging a much smaller phone without the alternator. All it takes is some forethought and a general conservation ethic.

engine idling 1
Who really cares about oil depletion or global warming? This is America! We have better things to do, like checking Twitter and keeping the interior above a lethal 55-degrees.
rolling coal diesel 1a
Unburned diesel fuel, T&A, and a good ol’ time at the expense of others. Ain’t that the American way? You betcha! Gluttonous and proud. We’re gettin’ ours!

Many large pickup trucks are bought as crass status symbols or ego-boosters¬†(similar to pseudo-hunting¬†pursuits). Diesel drivers are known for excessive idling despite modern engines requiring much shorter warm-ups and turbo cool-downs. A number of them are wannabe semi-truck drivers who like the sound and torque aspects. Truck-stop idling itself is a major source of waste, though APUs are helping. The worst diesel offenders “roll coal” on other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. They’re scumbags but they’re also more honest than passive idlers in terms of environmental consequences. Overall, more fuel is wasted in cities due to sheer numbers of people. Country air is cleaner for lack of population density, not because residents put more effort into it. They take that for granted when they defy emissions controls with ego-mods, including removing catalytic converters to fight the EPA’s “back-pressure conspiracy.” Some install pedal-response boosters like the Banks PedalMonster to override mild delays designed for better MPG. Rural air would be even cleaner if fuel pumps had vapor recovery nozzles and two-stroke engines were phased out on thrillcraft. Average folk do things the cheapest, laziest way they can get away with.

Another common waste of fuel occurs at car dealerships and rental companies. An agent will walk up to a vehicle, open the door and immediately turn on the engine while describing its features. Are they trying to entice you to test drive it? With rental cars they already know you’ll be taking it, so why squander fuel you’ll have to replace anyhow? Techniques from the old days of looser engine tolerances still encourage pointless idling. In most weather you shouldn’t have to idle more than 10-30 seconds for full oil pressure. Engineering manuals suggest warming up by driving as soon as possible at moderate speeds, which warms the drivetrain along with the engine so it isn’t shocked by acceleration. Some claim that stopping and restarting a warm engine causes wear but there’s always a sheen of oil protecting the metal (otherwise, hybrid engines would fail prematurely). Remote starters are often abused as pointless gadgets rather than a warm-up method for very cold days. Cold starts have higher metal-on-metal risk but oil remains trapped in the rings overnight. Vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances have excuses for idling (to power equipment) but it can still be reduced. Chronic speeding is also a major source of waste. Efficiency plummets in top gear at speeds much over 60 MPH, and even hybrid drivers join mobs of tailgaters (Jevons paradox). 80 MPH speed limits in several states force frugal drivers to speed to avoid tailgaters. Calculations vary, but Americans alone waste at least 300,000 barrels of oil per day.

The only thing that really makes average people conserve oil is a price increase, which they quickly forget if it falls again. Over-hyped reserves of oil-bearing shale and OPEC’s deliberate overproduction (to starve U.S. frackers) temporarily wiped the 2008 oil price spike from Americans’ memory, and they’ll be caught off guard when it returns. At the time of this posting, oil prices had crept back into the upper $60’s after being flat for many months. SUV and V8 sales had risen as prices dropped and placated the herd, but the world was burning upwards of 90 million barrels a day all the while. That’s oil we won’t get back (abiotic oil is a conspiracy theory). We’ll see how long this recent price increase holds, but anyone who claims oil is infinite doesn’t understand geological processes. Creationist fables are behind a lot of that thinking.

When the “official” Peak Oil finally hits, millions of people will be indignant at first. Being willfully ignorant of oil’s physical limits, they’ll try to blame scarcity on “lack of drilling,” even if rapacious EPA-haters are still in the White House. They refuse to see that the fracking of shale for oil and natural gas is not an actual increase in physical reserves. There’s less of it in the ground every second and it will cost more to extract as sources get tighter. The world can burn a billion barrels of oil in ten days, so don’t be impressed when some huckster hypes recent discoveries in the billions. Peak Oil deniers are invariably educated in finance, not geology. Pseudo-petroleum sources like kerogen are an ERoI fallacy, hyped into “trillions of barrels” by wild speculators. Also, renewable energy infrastructure like bloated wind turbines can’t exist without fossil fuels and “100% renewable energy” claims are deviously optimistic. Increased “production” of ancient, condensed resources just means people are getting desperate and using newer extraction methods. Horizontal drilling isn’t a major leap, just a refinement of old techniques, but it suits the “technology will save us” narrative. After a point, there’ll be no new tricks and nobody else to blame for the squandering of finite energy.

peak oil graphs 2
These graphs follow the law of diminishing returns, even if the curves aren’t fully predictable. The number of nations already past peak production debunks abiotic oil theory.
oil rigs sunset decline peak oil
Peak Oil is inevitable. Renewable energy can’t match the scale of fossil fuels, nor can it be built without them. It’s also ruining landscapes that old energy didn’t disturb.

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